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Marketing Agency Awards

Content Marketing Awards – Those days are no more there when everyone was bound to use the MLA and MPA formats. For every mistake, you have to scold yourself. The present age is the age of content writing which has created an environment where original content is ranked higher than expectations. The original content here means that the words, as well as the voice as well as other working factors, can make the crawling system of google identify it as something unique and original.

Content Marketing Awards

Marketing Agency Awards – In this article, we will help you to understand your power in a different as well as compelling way. If you are a writer and use your original content for earning purposes, this is definitely your place to consider. Here we will let you get polished by adding something valuable to your knowledge and experience. We will help you to get the know-how of dos and don’ts of content marketing.

You Have Ultimate Power in Your Hands:

Your ultimate power being a content writer lies in your choice of words. All you have to do is to use your power. When you use your power accurately, you have the possibilists of achieving great heights in no time. It really does not matter if you are writing for a high or elite company or for some smaller business. Your words can make smaller businesses the most elite ones while the elite positions can be taken down if the word power is not used properly and accurately.

The greatest tip we can offer you here is to be sure about what you write. You must exclude words like probably, possibly, basically, and maybe. These words show that your research work is not complete and you are not sure about the information you are offering. When you have power, you must sound like a roaring line and not like a cat meowing.

Call To Action Words:

Another important thing to keep in mind when you should add call-to-action words. Call-to-action words are the kind of attention-seeking words that compels the reader to click the news and go through the article for a complete piece of information.

Here you must remember that the call-to-action words are not misleading words. They are just another tactic to grab the attention. If you have a blogger website that earns its revenue by clicking people then call-to-action words must be added in a manner that compels the reader to click and read the blog. Every click will be a matter of benefit for the website holder.

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You can take the example as an online newspaper has a headline with the title that reads ‘women rent out their husband to earn living’, the title may seem very confusing as well as intriguing as how someone can sell their life partner for earning. The story in the Newspaper was about some carpenters who offer home-based services and you can get his services through online forums.

Another thing to make sure of is that you should never use negative call-to-action words. The positive things have their effects in the long run which are beneficial for both the user as well as for worker.

Read Before Posting:

Proofreading is one of the common phenomena in content writing. This is one of the best ways if you are writing in bulk then you must read out all the content manually as there are fewer chances of mistakes. There are certain applications available for proofreading but you should also make sure through manual proofreading that the mistakes are eliminated thoroughly.

Reading aloud your content to yourself gives a comprehensive idea that how your content will sound to other people who will be reading your content. Once you get the feeling, you can easily make the required changes in the tone and style of writing.

A persuasive Call To Action Words:

Persuading someone to buy your services is one of the most difficult tasks ever. If you can persuade someone to purchase your services then you have a great tactic. The same tactic is applied in content marketing.

Instead of saying check out my services, you can use the phrase:

Do you want to increase engagement to your posts by 12000 percent (not a typo), check out the tips and tricks here?

The reader will click on your website/ page for his own benefit and through this unconscious act; you have achieved your goal of converting a common reader to your article reader.

Better Presentation; Better Results:

Just like any other sphere of life, presentation matters a lot in content marketing. Content that is well presented has more effects on the reader as compared to one which is written in plain form. Before reading the article or a blog, the reader views your presentation. Your presentation of a piece of writing should be catchy enough to grab the attention of the reader. The stuff and words are also crafted by many people but the art of presentation is mastered by very few people.

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You must use the heading, bullets, tabs, and other formats in the writing. A well-shaped and well-crafted one seems more justified to read as per the opinion of many readers. Though it is famous that no one should judge a book by its cover but the reality is that many people judge the book by its cover. This is the very reason why many writers pay special attention to the presentation as well as to the content for marketing purposes.

Fic The Mistakes Before They Fix You:

Make sure that you use the words as per your targeted audience. If you have a general audience then you cannot use flowery language as well as long paragraphs. The common public; for sure, does like to open the dictionary while reading an article. Always make sure that you are using the languages of your selected audience. If you are addressing a group of poets then you cannot use simple language. There must be some rhythm, harmony, and prefixes as well as suffixes in your writing.

There are certain applications available where you can choose the type of audience and it can show you the readability score. Keep in mind that showing your level of literacy to the wrong people will get you nothing. They might get annoyed or jealous and may not give you the actual importance you deserve and desire.

Kindness is The Key:

When you are penning down your words, you must be quite gentle as well as kind in the choice of words. You, being a writer have the job to spellbound the reader with your kind and empathizing words. This is your ultimate power which you have to understand at all costs. With kind, gentle as well as compassionate words, you can make someone believe in the fairy tale you are telling to the people.

 when you write about a certain topic, you must complete your research and then write it down. After writing it down; you must read that piece of information to hear if it sounds gentle or not. If it does you can keep on writing and if does not; you can change the track from the very beginning.

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