Complement Your Active Lifestyle with a Portable Infrared Sauna

You’re always on the move and you always know what your next move will be. When you lead an active lifestyle, you surround yourself with people and technology that can keep up. It’s all about operating on a similar wavelength. You know if anything slows you down, you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Incorporating an infrared sauna into your daily routine has the potential to propel you forward. Are you ready to take that step? Here are three advantages you gain when you bring an infrared sauna into your home.

Dedicated Muscle Recovery

After a workout, whether it’s a targeted workout at the gym or a morning run, or anything in between, there is no denying the importance of recovery. After your push yourself during a workout, your body enters a healing phase. It’s a natural part of the process in both maintaining and building muscle. Your body needs ample opportunity to heal.

During the recovery process, your body can benefit from deep heat. This is where an infrared sauna plays a crucial role. Unlike hot water, heating pads or other off-the-shelf heating products, infrared light doesn’t heat muscle tissue from the outside inward. Infrared light is targeted and heats from within the tissue using a safe and effective wavelength of light. Using an infrared saunagives you a more effective recovery as heat not only envelops your muscles, tendons, joints and other tissue but infrared waves penetrate your cells to increase blood flow and enhance recovery.

Advanced Holistic Relaxation

Stress is hard on the body. From everyday tensions to strain from your daily physical exertion, your body and mind need adequate relaxation. Unmanaged stress can contribute to health issues, so it’s important to give yourself an opportunity to destress each day.

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A personal sauna serves as your home relaxation resource as you manage the day’s stress. A personal sauna with infrared technology immerses your body in a comforting heat. More advanced than conventional saunas, infrared saunas penetrate your muscles, bringing you a deep, effective warmth to melt away the stress and relax your muscles. It’s energizing, rather than tiring. So, while stress may be unavoidable, controlling your stress is completely in your hands.

Ultimate Personal Control

When you lead an active lifestyle, you follow a daily regimen. From nutrition to activities, you know what you need to do to optimize your health and achieve your goals. It’s all about making a plan and sticking with the plan as best you can. A portable infrared sauna gives you an additional opportunity to build in another healthy choice to support your activities. It’s not just about muscle recovery and total body relaxation. It’s also about managing your experience and maximizing the benefits.

What does this mean for you? It comes down to your personal goals. Muscle recovery and relaxation are merely the starting point. Use an infrared sauna to promote a healthier heart by improving circulation. Or use the sauna sweat out environmental toxins. Leading an active lifestyle has the potential to expose you to any number of environmental toxins. We introduce them to our bodies with every breath we take, the food we eat and the materials our skin comes into contact with. Over time, the impact of environmental toxins can affect our health and slow us down—and we’re not here to slow down.

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About Sunlighten®

Sunlighten is renowned for innovative home saunas developed using advanced infrared technology. Sunlighten saunas are clinically recognized by doctors, therapists and coaches as an effective way to promote relaxation, detoxification, muscle health, heart health and an overall positive well-being. Now, you have the option to bring state-of-the-art wellness into your home. Sunlighten offers saunas of all sizes with designs for single individuals to larger cabins to accommodate five or six. And with Sunlighten’s mPulse® line, you get access to built-in customization programs giving you an exceptional level of control over your infrared sauna and home wellness experience.

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