Common Mistakes of Product Packaging – [Infographic]

most common mistakes in packaging

Packaging isn’t only about product protection these days; it has evolved into more. Consumer expectations have demands like minimising waste, eco-friendly packaging, great unboxing experience and so on.

The competition in the market has forced brands to cut costs to sustain themselves in the market. Many companies are trying to manage the cost by cutting off packaging materials.

Although efficient and minimalistic packing increases profit, helping brand growth, there is also a major repercussion. Poor product packaging can have some major disadvantages.

Some of them are:

Reduced product self-life

Quality packaging ensures that your product stays good for a long period of time. Protecting your products from bacterial or fungal growth is a detrimental part of the packaging.

With perishable products like bakery items, food, fruits, etc., they will last longer when packed well. Any compromise on the quality of the product will direct hamper the brand.

Damaged items

One of the major needs for good packaging is to ensure that there isn’t any damage to the products during transportation. Shocks, road impacts, compression, mishandling are only some of the incidents that happen during transit.

To make sure your products reach their destination safely, you need quality packaging materials—double wall cardboard boxes, packaging tapes, etc.

Bad impact on sales

The initial impression of your brand is formed through packaging. Then the product comes followed by its quality. It’s simple logic—good packaging attracts more customers. So, the quality of your product is directly influencing the number of sales you make. No matter how great your product might be, poor quality packaging won’t attract any customers.

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Negative brand perception

Bad unboxing, just like bad services doesn’t go unnoticed these days. Thanks to social media, customers are more frequent in their thoughts and feedback. Along with huge financial losses that come with product returns, bad social media feedback ruins brand reputation.

Regardless of how affordable or luxurious your product might be, customers expect a certain unboxing experience when they buy. So, instead of buying cardboard boxes that break easily, get your supplies from wholesalers like Wellpack Europe.

Financial losses

This is pretty much given. When product return happens there is refunds, discounts, logistics, workforce—a lot goes into it. Additionally, extra space for inventory to keep the returned items. All these can be pretty bad on smaller businesses. It gets your profit margin less.

All in all, product packaging, if not met with certain expectations can be negative for your brand. Packaging adds great value to any product. It helps to form a connection with your customers.

Now that we have cleared the importance of product packaging, let’s talk about some of the essentials. There are some fundamental points of product packaging and some mistakes are common and unnecessary. To learn those, scroll down below. 

 Common Mistakes of Product Packaging - [Infographic]

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