Check Tips For Driving In Winter Before A Trip

Preparation for the winter months

Driving in the winter can be challenging even for the most skilled drivers, thanks to the unpredictable British weather and more hours in the dark.

Therefore, when planning your trip, you and your vehicle must be prepared for torrential rains, heavy snowfall, strong winds, and icy conditions. We have highlighted some steps you can follow to prepare your vehicle and be safe on the road in winter.

  • Plan your route
  •  Refueling with fuel
  •  Check your tires
  •  Check your battery
  •  Make sure your vision is clear
  •  Keep your vehicle clean
  •  Take your time
  •  Prepare your Winter essentials
  •  Plan your route

It is important to ensure that your trip is well-planned if you are exposed to adverse weather conditions. It may seem like a good idea to take a detour via side roads or dirt roads to avoid traffic, but these routes are often in poor condition when it rains or snows, as less traffic prevents the lanes from being cleared.

Social media has been an excellent source of information about roads in recent years. Local news and police reports are regularly updated on road closures, blocked roads, and flooded routes. So make sure you check these sources before you go.

You should also allow extra time to reach your destination if visibility is poor or road conditions are uncomfortable, as you may have to slow down or have unexpected complications.

Refueling with fuel

Various winter weather conditions can lead to accidents, closures, and traffic jams on the road. That is why it is important to ensure that your car is filled with fuel, especially if you are going on a long trip.

Driving with very little or no fuel can cause your vehicle to break down and harm your fuel pump and engine.

It also applies to hybrid and electric cars – making sure your battery is fully charged before driving in winter can save you a lot of trouble in the long run and prevent damage to your battery.

Check your tires

Checking elements of your tires, such as tread depth and tire pressure, can be a tedious task for many, but it’s important if you want to be safe on the road and extend the life of your tires.

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Too little air and tires with a tread depth of less than 1.6 mm can lead to serious accidents on the road. Therefore, you must check and maintain them regularly.

If you want to ensure your tires are fit for winter conditions, you can sign up for a free tire health check at your nearest Evans Halshaw dealer.

Check your battery

Cold weather can put a lot of strain on your vehicle’s battery, as it often has to work harder due to the increased use of heating and light. If your engine starts hard on cold mornings, it may be time to book your vehicle for a service requiring you to replace your battery completely.

If your car won’t start because of a dead battery, it’s worth investing in a portable jump starter kit to reduce the risk of a complete car breakdown. Remember that most batteries last about five years. If your battery is nearing the end of its life, you should have it checked as soon as possible.

Make sure your vision is clear.

Rain, snow, ice, and even general dirt on the windshield can significantly spoil your view of the road in the winter months. Therefore, make sure you clean your windows thoroughly and regularly.

It is important not only for your safety but also prescribed by law, as stipulated by the rules of the road: windshields and windows must be kept clean and free of obstacles to visibility.’

There are many quick and easy methods you can use to keep your windshield clear:

  1. Use your heater: if your windows are frozen or fogged up due to the cold temperatures, your heater will get rid of them in no time.
  2.  Use hot water: using boiling water can cause serious damage to your Windows. Use warm soapy water to remove ice on your exterior window for safety.
  3.  Wear sunglasses: this will fight the glare of the sun when it snows.
  4.  Refill your windshield washer fluid: in winter, windshield washer fluid is essential to keep a clear view of the road.

Keep your vehicle clean.

Because weather conditions such as rain, snow, and Ice are common in the winter, we all easily forget to keep our vehicles clean. However, if you want to avoid fines and stay safe on the road, this is a step that you should follow.

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The road code stipulates that lights, turn signals, and license plates must be kept clean and clear so that you can be stopped and fined if dirt causes your license plate to darken. So, even if you need to thoroughly clean your car from the inside, keep your lights and license plates clear of obstacles.

Take your time

No matter what vehicle you own, driving in snow and ice can be very dangerous. It is known that certain types of cars, such as 4×4, are better able to cope with these conditions than others, but this does not mean that you should not be careful.

The most important tip for driving in snow or ice is to leave enough time for your trip, as Haste is a recipe for disaster. To avoid skidding when starting, you need to press the gas pedal very carefully to limit the rotation of the wheels – some modern cars have a winter mode that you can select to help you.

Keep your vehicle in low gear when going downhill to avoid braking frequently. Remember to take your time and leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Prepare your Winter essentials.

In the cold months, you should always carry a backpack for winter supplies with you, as you can get stuck in deep snow or be stranded with a dead battery – this can include:

  • Kick
  •  Torch
  •  High visibility jacket
  •  Ceiling
  •  Extra layers of clothing
  •  Sturdy footwear
  •  Scraper
  •  Sundanese
  •  Drink

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