Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Jewellery

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Buying jewellery is fun and exciting. You get to try beautiful jewellery pieces and see the latest trends and designs. Buying a piece of jewellery is a personal experience as well. You want to cherish the piece forever.

However, being simply naïve while buying jewellery pieces isn’t a smart idea. You need some knowledge about the things you want to buy. As a consumer, it is your basic right to make an informed decision.

For instance, when shopping for gold jewellery, many people just go for designs and trends. They forget to look at the karats of gold they are buying.

To avoid such mistakes, we have created a list of things you need to consider before buying jewellery.

Not setting a definite budget

It is very easy to fall off the wagon during jewellery shopping. After all, jewellery is one of the most alluring things for people.

But without a budget, you can really drain your bank account. There are so many options in the market, that it is difficult to control our desire. So, set a budget before shopping. That way you can eliminate the ones that don’t suit the quality or requirement of your shopping.

Not knowing the metal type

While many people are sure about what kind of gemstone they want, that’s not the same with metal types. Many times, when we do jewellery valuation for insurance or other purposes, we come across people completely unaware of the metal purity.

For example, gold in its natural form is yellow. It is mixed with other metals to mould and give different shapes to jewellery. There is a misconception that rose gold or white gold has less purity than yellow gold.

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Gold comes in varying karats starting from 10k Gold. The purest form is 24K Gold which has 99.99% purity. Similarly, silver and platinum also come in different karats.

Having knowledge about your metal type and purity helps you to get the best quality in the given value. For antique jewellery, it can be a little tricky as earlier there were no certificates for jewellery metal purity. In that case, you need to ask for a jewellery valuation report available at the store.

Not knowing the right size

Just like dresses, some jewellery pieces like rings, bracelets have different sizes. If you want to gift jewellery and don’t know their wrist/ ring size, it can be a disaster.

Many men simply guess the ring size while shopping for engagement rings. While giving a memorable surprise to your partner is a heartfelt gesture, poor planning can ruin the surprise. Buying a ring in a small size will create an awkward situation during the proposal.

So, if you want to buy a ring and suspect that your ring size has changed, measure it first to make sure.

Only following the trends and bling

We all love to be on-trend. Some bling, fun pieces always catch our attention.

But this can make your jewellery outdated very quickly. Because trends change. The key is to find those special pieces in your collection. Invest in classic pieces of jewellery, especially the ones you will wear regularly. Regular jewellery cannot be bulky and blingy. It takes attention from you.

You can start investing in vintage jewellery. They might not be trendy, but they are classic. There is also customised jewellery with engravings and personal designs.

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Not getting your jewellery valued

Whether you are buying a piece of vintage jewellery or not, you need to get a jewellery valuation for your expensive pieces. Jewellery valuation for insurance will help you during an unfortunate accident. Nowadays, the process has become very simple. There are companies like Prestige Valuations, which provide online jewellery valuation and online antique valuation services in the comfort of your home.

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