Best Medical Universities to Study MBBS in China

Study MBBS in China

For Pakistani medical students interested in pursuing an MBBS overseas, a Study MBBS in China is a fantastic option. China provides economical, internationally recognized, high-quality education. The admissions procedure is quick and simple to help applicants. The majority of courses are taught in English in Chinese medical universities, and innovative teaching methods are used. You will also have access to affordable, high-quality accommodation nearby if you decide to pursue an MBBS in China.

Best Medical Universities to Study MBBS in China:

Study MBBS in China not all universities, especially those in the medical field, are created equal. According to the standard of education they offer, China’s education government assigns Chinese medical universities an A, B, or C grade. As a result, only A-rated colleges should be taken into consideration if one wants to study medicine in China. A list of just A-rated medical schools in China has been compiled by us after extensive research on your behalf:

Nanjing Medical University:

One of China’s top medical colleges, Nanjing Medical University, or NMU as it is more generally known, was established in 1934. With excellent facilities and qualified faculty, they provide 6 postdoctoral research centers, 7 doctorate programs in first-level subjects, 11 master’s programs in first-level disciplines, and 7 master’s programs in first-level fields. This medical school has 23 schools, 23 affiliated hospitals and medical facilities, and 50 or more hospitals for teaching around China.

Capital Medical University:

In 1960, this university was established in Beijing. The two main characteristics of Capital Medical University are a very high student-teacher ratio and international quality medical education in English. Ten lecture schools and one teaching hospital are included. Also, this university has medical affiliations with 14 hospitals. Six campuses are dispersed around Beijing. China is well-known for the Capital Medical University’s contributions to the field of medicine.

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College of Jiangsu:

In 2001, Jiangsu University was created with the union of three colleges. It is situated in Zhenjiang city. In terms of the number of English-medium courses provided, it is the best Chinese college. With nearly 2000 foreign students, Jiangsu University is one of China’s top choices for international students. This institution is now listed among the top 200 Asian universities, the top 200 BRICS universities, and the top 1000 worldwide universities. It has 13 postdoctoral research centers and 14 doctoral degrees in first-level fields.

China’s PRC Medical University:

It is important to note that there is a second “China Medical University” in Taiwan. The Chinese Communist Party founded this medical institution in 1931. The Northern city of Shenyang is where this college is situated. International students have had access to this university’s MBBS program in English since 1978. According to the world university ranking, China Medical University is placed 345th overall, 55th among Asian universities, and 10th among Chinese universities.

Jilin Medical University:

It was established in 1946 and is a medical university to study MBBS in China that has earned the WHO and MCI classification of B+. Changchun is where this college is situated. With a total of 6000 patient beds, this medical university boasts one of China’s largest networks of linked hospital beds.

Among the renowned and prestigious MBBS institutions in China are Dalian Medical University, Guangzhou Medical University, Southern Medical University, Harbin Medical University, and Hebei Medical University.

Average fees:

Studying MBBS in China normally lasts 5 to 6 years. The annual cost for a student is between 21,000 and 48,000 RMB. This comes to around 2.4–5.6 lakhs of Pakistani rupees annually. For a 5-year degree, this comes to a total of 12-28 lakhs, while a 6-year degree would cost 14.4-33.6 lakhs.

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In China, MBBS Documents Are Required

While applying for a study MBBS in China, the following papers are required:

  • Birth certificate notarized, 10th and 12th grade transcripts
  • HIV test outcomes
  • Photos the size of a passport
  • NEET results, documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New Delhi, and an invitation letter from a university

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