Barry McCarthy Biography

Barry McCarthy

Barry Mccarthy is now the CEO of a fitness company called Peloton. He is well-known for having been the CFO of the music platform Spotify in the past. He is known for being good with money and taking steps that have always paid off for businesses.

Early Years

Barry McCarthy was born in San Francisco in 1953, but no one knows the exact date or place of his birth. He has also said nothing about his parents or other family members. However, it is thought that he was born into a white Christian family. Barry’s alma mater, Williams College, is where he got his bachelor’s degree in art history. He also has an MBA in finance, which he got in 1980 from Wharton Business School. Aside from this, there is nothing else known about his childhood or education.

Career of Barry McCarthy

In 1993, Barry got his start in business as the CEO of a company called Music Choice. He worked there for more than six years before leaving to become the CFO of Spotify and Netflix. Barry began working for Netflix in 2000, and for more than a decade he was the CFO of the company. He left the company in 2010, though, after it changed from being a DVD distributor to an online streaming platform with paid subscriptions. Barry joined Spotify in 2015, and he was the one who tried to go public through direct listing. He was the CEO for more than five years, and he didn’t leave his job until 2020.

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Barry stayed on the board of Spotify, and he also worked as the chief operating officer (COO) for Clinkle and was on the boards of Eventbrite, Pandora, Rent the Runway, Chegg, and Nature Box. After the company had a lot of ups and downs, he was recently named CEO of the fitness company Peloton. Its stock prices are falling sharply, sales are slowing down, prices are going down, and there were rumors that it would be taken over. John Foley, who helped start Peloton, has been replaced as CEO by Barry, who has taken quick steps to get the company back on track. He is also a member of the board of Instacart at the moment.

Personal Life

Barry is married, but he hasn’t talked about who his wife or kids are. He lives his life away from the public eye, and he and his family like to keep things quiet. He has settled in San Francisco for now. Barry doesn’t use social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook very often, and he doesn’t have an account on any of them. But he keeps his LinkedIn profile up to date so he can make professional connections and meet new people.

Barry McCarthy’s Money Situation

Barry McCarthy has made a lot of money over the years as a board member, CEO, and CFO of some of the best companies and businesses in the world. In 2021, his net worth is likely to be around $9 million.


When Netflix’s online streaming service came out in 2007, it had 1,000 movies available, and Barry was still sure that it would change the game.

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Barry wanted to cut 2800 jobs from the company.

He has also been a manager at Booz, CSFB, and BMP Partners, among other companies and firms.

In 2011, Barry first joined Technology Crossover Ventures as a venture partner. Later, he became the company’s executive advisor.

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