Answers You Should Know About Dorsal Humps

Answers You Should Know About Dorsal Humps

The nasal dorsum is the bridge of the nose, which is a bone and cartilage structure. This structure connects our nose to the face, and it can develop humps on the nose for several reasons. These humps cause irregularities on the nose, which leads to a least attractive nose shape. While this is only a cosmetic problem and doesn’t cause any serious health issues, it still affects an individual’s confidence. Walk through this article to learn more about dorsal humps.

Fortunately, there are tons of surgical and non-surgical treatments available to fix the dorsal humps. However, most patients get confused and have a lot of unanswered concerns when they look for such treatments. Therefore, in this guide, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about dorsal humps. It enables you to evaluate the right treatment options to regain your lost confidence by achieving the ideal nose shape.

Are you confused about dorsal hump causes and treatment options? Here are the answers you should know about dorsal humps.

What Typically Causes Dorsal Humps?

Dorsal humps can appear due to various factors. In most cases, dorsal humps are the result of genetic factors; these patients are born with a tendency to develop this bump. Additionally, an injury can also lead to the development of a dorsal hump if your cartilage and bone heal unevenly. Other causes may include severe allergies and infections that grow severe and make these dorsal humps appear.

Here are all the answers you should know before you get any treatment.

1. Is Dorsal Hump Removable?

Dorsal hump can be removed with various treatment options available in the market. Additionally, when you opt for non-surgical treatments, you don’t have to worry about any serious side effects caused by surgical ones. These non-surgical treatments allow you to maintain your ideal nose shape for months.

The removal or reduction of a dorsal hump is typically performed through a cosmetic surgery procedure known as rhinoplasty. It’s important to note that rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that carries risks and requires a recovery period.

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To remove your dorsal hump, fillers are injected into your irregularities and align the bone structure. These fillers make your nose surface smooth and eventually lead to an unnoticeable dorsal hump. Therefore, if you are looking to achieve your ideal nose shape, you can opt for nose filler dubai clinic to help make your bridge turn into a straight line.

2. Does it Affect Your Ability to Breathe?

The dorsal hump certainly changes the structure and shape of the nose, and It also affects the bridge. While these changes are only on the outer side of the nose, they don’t cause any breathing difficulties. This, however, is linked to the deviated septum, where the septum in the nose isn’t straight and causes breathing difficulties.

The prominence of the dorsal hump is primarily a cosmetic concern related to the external appearance of the nose. If a person experiences difficulty breathing or nasal congestion, it is important to consider both the external and internal aspects of the nose.

Also, in many cases, when the dorsal humps happen due to an injury, it causes deviated septum. This can lead to breathing difficulties if both are present. Therefore, if you have any recent injuries and you start to see a dorsal hump, there are chances of a deviated septum. Considering this, it’s important to consult a doctor after the injury to see if there is a possibility of these risks.

3. Can It Go Away Naturally?

The answer to this is linked to the cause of your dorsal hump. If it appears due to swollen soft tissues, it will most likely go away on its own. However, if it happened due to any injury or other health problems, it might persist. Specifically, if it is broken, there is a high possibility of bone displacement, which leads to a dorsal hump.

In most cases, after the injury, the dorsal hump heals cartilage and bones unevenly, which can lead to a permanent dorsal hump. In such cases, patients can opt for various surgical and non-surgical treatments depending on the size of their dorsal hump. Considering this, it’s important to consult with professionals before you go for any treatment.

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4. Is the Removal Process Painful?

This depends on the type of treatment you opt for. However, in most available treatments, patients feel very little discomfort throughout the treatment. In most cases, the concerns related to discomfort and pain arise post-treatment in the recovery phase. Most of the surgical and non-surgical treatments cause your nose to swell, and breathing problems may occur.

Fortunately, the breathing difficulties fade away as the nose swelling starts to disappear naturally. The post-treatment effects can last up to 14 days and may go away sooner in some patients. Furthermore, people have also reported that they feel pressure in their forehead after the treatment for a few days.

5. How to Get Rid of Dorsal Hump?

The most effective and opted-for treatment for the dorsal hump is liquid rhinoplasty. This can fix your nose shape for 6 to 2 years without having any concerning side effects to care about. In this treatment, the surgeon injects dermal fillers in the various parts of your nose where the dorsal hump starts. Getting rid of a dorsal hump typically involves undergoing rhinoplasty, a surgical procedure aimed at reshaping the nose.

This helps your nose bridge to get even and reduce the appearance of the hump. This treatment is less expensive than any other treatment, like rhinoplasty. Additionally, it has a very quick recovery time to help you continue your daily life without any interruptions. Therefore, most patients choose nose filler Dubai clinic to reduce the appearance of uneven nose bridge.

Where Can You Get The best Dorsal Hump Treatment?

Shape your nose the way you want and get rid of the dorsal hump that is affecting your confidence. Ensure the use of all the safety precautions and get your treatment done by professional surgeons. Book your appointment now and opt for the safest treatment available.

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