All The Gems In Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, this is where you can find all the gems.

Gems are a great way to get money and other things in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Gems can earn you a lot of Star Coins, and you can also use them in recipes to make things. For instance, the only way to make a bright lamp post is to use the right material for that color.

To get gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to mine rocks. You can find a different set of rocks and gems in each area. This list tells you where to find each gem in the game, what to do with them (like whether to sell them or use them as materials), and why.


disney dreamlight valley amethyst filled rock in forgotten lands

Amethyst is a purple rock that you can find in the more expensive biomes, Forgotten Lands and Frosted Heights. It costs 500 Star Coins to buy a normal Amethyst.

A Purple Wrought Iron Streetlamp is the only recipe for an Amethyst. It might be best to sell this gem unless you want to make your whole valley purple.


disney dreamlight valley aquamarine filled rock in dazzle beach

You can find aquamarine at Dazzle Beach or in the Forest of Honor. The gem can be bought for 250 Star Coins and can be used in many crafts. One of the things you can make is Ariel’s Crafting Table. Other things are blue lamp posts, the DJ Booth Rig, and the Gem & Opal Road way.

The most important thing is that you need this gem to make a Mining Training Manual, which lets you change a villager’s job to Mining. It costs less Star Coins to buy this gem. You should save these gems for decoration and future quests because they give you more choices when you use them for making.


disney dreamlight valley citrine filled rock in glade of trust

This stone is found in the Sunlit Plateau and the Glade of Trust. You need Dreamlight to get into these biomes first. It will be orange-red in color and cost 350 Star Coins to buy.

Citrine can only be used to make two things. An orange streetlight comes in two different styles: one with one light and one with three. Once more, you should sell this gem or save it for a quest if you don’t want to light up your valley with orange lights.


disney dreamlight valley saphire filled rock in mines

Sapphire is unique because the Vitalys Mine in Sunlit Plateau is the only place you can get it. Once you finish Scar’s Nature & Nurture task, you can go to the caves. The mines will be open once you unlock the Sunlit Plateau.

Diamond costs 350 Star Coins. At a making table, you can use it to make about four things. There are four different kinds of blue-lit streetlamps in this set. You should either sell this gem or keep it.

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disney dreamlight valley diamond filled rock in forgotten lands

Forgotten Lands is the only place you can find Diamond. It is the unlocked biome above Sunlit Plateau. It costs 600 Star Coins to buy a single diamond gem. This stone gives off white light and can be used to make streetlamps as normal.

But making an Elegant Gazebo is the best thing you can do with diamond. You will need ten diamonds to build this big building that gives your valley a lot of personality. If you don’t want a gazebo, it would be best to sell this gem.


disney dreamlight valley rock full of emerald in forest of valor

In the Forest of Valor and the Glade of Trust, you can find Emerald. You can get 325 Star Coins for an Emerald rock. For this, you get a lot fewer Star Coins than for most gems.

As always, Emerald can only be used to make three different kinds of streetlamps that give off green light. You should keep your Emerald for future tasks or things you really want.


disney dreamlight valley garnet filled rock in plaza

This is the most basic and popular gem you can get. It appears in the Plaza, which is where you start Disney Dreamlight Valley. Garnet can also be found in the Peaceful Meadow. Because of this, garnet is the least expensive stone.

One Garnet is the most you can sell for 160 Star Coins. One single red light streetlamp is the only thing that can be made from this gem. Garnet doesn’t really do anything, especially since money can be made in other places.


disney dreamlight valley player staring at rock in forgotten lands

Onyx is a unique metal that can be used. In the whole game, you can get Onyx from almost any rock. No matter what you mine, this is a random drop.

The gem costs 300 Star Coins and has some pretty useful steps for making things. If you have one Onyx, you can make three Night Shards and two different Pickaxe Polishes. When you use them, rocks will always drop their gems.


disney dreamlight valley peridot filled rock in peaceful meadow

Peridot is another popular gem that you can find in the Peaceful Meadow, which is one of the place where you start in the valley. She can also be found in Dazzle Beach. It’s a shame that this gem costs 200 Star Coins instead of others.

This gem can be used to make two different lamps that give off green light. The most important thing is that you need Peridot to make the Mining Training Manual, which changes your peasant job to Mining.


disney dreamlight valley ruby filled rock in mines

Like Sapphires, rubies can only be found in the Vitalys Mine in the Sunlit Plateau. This makes them one of a kind. You can sell your Ruby for 350 Star Coins. It will look red, like garnet. The only reason it’s not Garnet is that it’s in the mines.

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Diamond can be used to make two lamps that give off red light. Making a Haughty Snowman is the best thing you can do with them. In that case, you should either save it or sell it.


disney dreamlight valley topaz filled rock in plaza

Topaz can only be found in the Plaza, which is the new Geometry Dash Subzero player area. This gem is worth 240 Star Coins. There are a lot of making recipes that need Topaz, but it’s not worth much money.

You can make more than just lights. You can also make the Mining Training Manual, the Tree of Holiday Cheer, etc. The Cozy Companion Home is the best thing you can make with Topaz because it lets you put your pets inside and let them roam around.


disney dreamlight valley tourmaline filled rock in frosted heights

You can buy tourmaline for 420 Star Coins and find it in Frosted Heights and the Sunlit Plateau. This is one of the easier gems to spot because it is bright pink and not in the same color family as any other gem.

With Tourmaline, you can make more than just pink light bulbs. You can also make the DJ Booth Rig and the Gem & Opal Road route. If those two things are your thing, this gem can be used for decorating.

Shiny Gems

disney dreamlight valley gem collection menu

It’s all about the Shiny Gems. You should get these instead of the standard ones. You might get a Shiny version of that gem when you mine it. Shiny Gems will cost at least 1,000 Star Coins to buy.

Say you want to buy a Diamond. A normal Diamond costs 600 Star Coins, but a Shiny Diamond costs 2,400 Star Coins. Mining can help you make money. You might want to store the normal ones in a box and sell the shiny ones.

Vitalys Crystal

disney dreamlight valley mines

You can find a lot of Vitalys Crystal when you mine in Vitalys Mine. It is a strange rock. It’s only 12 Star Coins, which is very cheap. The only thing this gem is used for is making. You can make a lot of different drinks that speed up the process of getting resources with these rocks.

You can make the Miracle Growth Elixir. Which will make the next few crops you water grow right away and be ready to gather. You can also make the Miracle Fishing Bait, which makes it easy to catch rare fish for a few takes. Each liquid can only be used a certain number of times.

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