All Maps In Crash Team Rumble, Ranked


We can play Crash Team Rumble together and experience its chaos on different maps, each with its own Relic Stations, Gem Clusters, and ways to annoy and beat your opponents. Still, there will always be maps that are more fun and exciting than others because they can’t all be the same amount of fun and excitement.

Based on Crash 4, these nine maps show deserts, islands, swamps, and other unique and interesting places. Which one is the best place to Rumble? Check out our list below to find out.

Rusted Refinery

A panoramic view of Rusted Refinery, a map from Crash Team Rumble

There has to be someone at the bottom of a Ranked list, even though all of the games are very fun. You need to be more careful on this map because there are some risks in the form of hot pipes. The fire towers and explosion jump are fun and useful, and the Gems’ placement lets you get really close to the enemy team.

Last but not least, you can use a sandstorm to throw your enemies high into the air. The other Relic Stations still make this map fun to play in, even though it’s not hard to avoid it.

Serenity Gardens

A panoramic view of Serenity Gardens, a map from Crash Team Rumble

Another big map. This one is a lot of fun because of how wild Akano is, which is one of the Relics here. The area has a lot of high space, which makes it easy for characters like Catbat or N. Tropy to get around.

As was already said, Akano is a fun Relic because of her extra powerful punch, which helps almost everyone deal with Blockers. The Bonsai is also very useful, but it’s not the most interesting Epic Relic. Even so, its Wumpa boost can help, especially if Akano is with you to protect you on your way to the bank.

Just Beachy

A panoramic view of Just Beachy, a map from Crash Team Rumble

There aren’t many high points on this map, so you can see most of what’s going on from anywhere. This makes things easy for quick characters like Coco. Because of where they are placed, the Gem groups are also harder here, making some of the most intense fights compared to other maps. Plus it’s fun to hit everyone with a beach ball.

A second bank to keep things Wumpa is one of the most useful Epic Relic Stations, but it doesn’t sound as cool as some of the others. You can score from two places, which is very helpful if the other team’s guards take over your main bank.

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Surreal Summit

A panoramic view of Surreal Summit, a map from Crash Team Rumble

This map is small, but all of its levels and height will make it look big. The Gem platforms are also the main way to get to the next level, where there is another Gem cluster. This makes the battles for them tough. If you beat them all, this will give you a 100% Wumpa boost.

The Relic Stations depend on the situation a bit more. While Ika Ika and Dragons can make things easier and catch enemies off guard, Relics don’t have as much of an effect on this map as they do on other ones in Crash Team Rumble.

Calamity Canyon

A panoramic view of Calamity Canyon, a map from Crash Team Rumble

The Canyon has a lot of tricks that can be used against the other team. One thing you can do is shield banks so the other team can’t get on them. You can also shield their bank so they can’t get on their own base to score points without doing some serious Parkour.

If you also control all gems, you can get a powerful bonus. He’s not as strong, though, and most characters can easily avoid him as long as they’re always moving.

N. Sanity Caverns

A panoramic view of N. Sanity Caverns, a map from Crash Team Rumble

Overall size, Gem groups that help with movement, and the chance to get a 100% boost are all things that this map has in common with Surreal Summit. The Relics in this place are what make it more interesting.

With Lani Loli, you can become invisible, but striking will make you visible again for a short time. The Guardian makes you hard to knock away. It’s especially helpful for taking over the field or getting annoying Blockers to leave your bank alone. Also, when you use the Guardian, you get bigger and more health. If you’re low on health, you can even use it to save yourself.

City Scrape

A panoramic view of City Scrape, a map from Crash Team Rumble

Be careful not to fall this way. This is another big area with a lot of high platforms. The whole map is also floating in the air, so there are lots of places to fall throughout. As an added bonus, gem groups can be used to get around the map, which means they may be even more highly sought after.

Plasma turrets and Kapuna Wa are both great Relics. Turrets can be a pain for enemies, especially if you set one up near their bank, and it’s always good to be faster. It’s not hard to stay away from the TNT Drones, though. But watch out, because they do a lot of damage.

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Things that can call up big things, like the Flytrap or the Gasmoxian Guards, can protect you from the TNT drones, and the blasts don’t hurt them!

Bogged Down

Bogged Down, a map from Crash Team Rumble

Some parts of Bogged Down are based on the swamps in Crash 4, like Dingodile’s first level, “Home Cookin’.” There are unique features on this map that make it stand out, like boxes and relics in the water. Just keep in mind that you’ll die if you fall into the water because Crash characters can’t swim (except for water levels, it seems). This makes it hard to get the box and get back without dying.

Bouncing Bubble is the main Relic Station. It’s great on the map because you can bounce on the water there. The Epic Relic is a bat that has a lot of Wumpa that you need to get to your bank. It’s kind of like an Overwatch weapon. It’s a little dangerous because the other team can kill the bat, but it’s a lot of Wumpa. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it; this map is special in a game with a lot of maps.

Tar Valley

A panoramic view of Tar Valley, a map from Crash Team Rumble

When compared to the other places, Tar Valley is very different because it is much smaller and more crowded. But a smaller area makes fights more common, which causes chaos all over the field.

Its Relics aren’t vicious either, and the Shrooms aren’t hard to deal with; they’re just a bother. This map, on the other hand, has Aku Aku as an Epic Station. He’s very helpful and fun to use. Now you can reach N. Sane speeds, which is great if your character is naturally fast, like Coco, Cortex, or Tawna.

Tiki Towers

A panoramic view of Tiki Towers, a map from Crash Team Rumble

Not only does the Island style look great with Crash, but this map is also full of options. There are enough Gem groups to give your Wumpa collection a 100% boost, which makes them fun to fight on. Also, there aren’t any powerful Relic Stations here, which is a nice change from other maps. Surge can still help you when Blockers are stacked on your bank, though.

Of course, that doesn’t work for this Epic Relic Station, Uka Uka. By far, one of the worst Stations in Slope Game. Most teams will probably do everything they can to get him since the other choices aren’t as good.

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