A Timeline of How Your Body Reacts to Exercise

What happens after one hour of exercise?

The body does not like to waste energy, so always try to work as efficiently as possible and restore balance. Cardio and weight training are different, so the body responds differently. For example, the body’s preferred energy system for activity and prioritizes the blood supply to the most active muscles.

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What happens the day after you start an exercise program?

When you exercise, your muscles suffer minimal trauma and can lead to delayed onset muscle pain or “DOMS” for short. It is normal to feel muscle pain after exercise, but fortunately it does not happen after every workout.

Delayed pain is usually minimal once your body gets used to the movement.

A common question I get is that people should exercise through DOMS? In general, I recommend exercising as long as the movement is not affected.

What happens three days after the start of the exercise program?

Exercise can cause a continuous increase in metabolic rate up to 72 hours after training. One study showed that after 45 minutes of vigorous cycling, participants increased their metabolic rate by about 40% within 14 hours of exercise.

What happens one week after the start of the exercise program?

You begin to experience physical and psychological changes.

At the cellular level, the energy-producing mitochondrial micro-plants are multiplied, which means that your body can produce more energy.

People may also experience an increase in self-confidence and a decrease in depressive symptoms.

What happens two weeks after the start of the exercise program?

Between two to four weeks of regular exercise, you will begin to notice significant improvements in your strength and fitness. If weight loss is a goal and your exercise program is supplemented by a healthy diet, you may be beginning to see the desired weight change.

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