8 GB RAM Vs 16 GB RAM- Which Will Be a Better Option For Your Gaming?


Choosing the right amount of RAM for the system is a decision that has plagued many online game players with little understanding of this subject. It is so because no gamers want a system that will work slowly which ultimately leads to poor gaming performance. If you are a beginner, then you can buy 16 GB RAM to head start your gaming journey. However, how much memory you will need to play your games smoothly depends on a few factors that we will discuss in this blog.

8 GB Vs 16 GB RAM-Which Will Be Good For Gaming Purpose?

Selecting the right RAM between 16 GB and 32 GB RAM is not as easy a task as it seems. You need to identify your requirements and then have to conduct proper research so that you don’t end up having extra RAM. So, below we will discuss a few factors that you must take into your consideration before choosing the RAM for your use. 

The Refresh Rate and Resolution You Wish to Play At

It is considered to be one of the major deciding factors when it comes to deciding the RAM you need to play high-end games in your system. Higher refresh rates and high-resolution games have become really popular. It ensures that gamers have an amazing and high-quality gaming experience. You must invest in higher RAM capacity if you are interested to incorporate a high refresh rate and high resolution into your gaming.

Are You Willing To Stream Your Games?

Since streaming is a really demanding task, it is necessary for you to have a lot of space. Therefore, you must invest in high memory capacity to run your favorite without any disruption and loading. So, you should get your hands on the higher memory capacity than usual while streaming your games.

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Do You Wish to Run Memory Intensive Application?

If you are a hardcore gamer but have to work on a memory-intensive application, then you will need RAM that has a higher capacity. You need to buy 16 GB RAM at least to work on your professional tasks such as editing high-quality files or videos. You can go higher if you do not have any budget constraints to get the maximum benefits.

Do You Need To Do Multitasking?

This is one of the major factors that will determine how much memory you need for the system. As not everyone uses their system in the same way, the amount of memory you need depends on your system’s uses. When it comes to multi-tasking manner, there is no need to invest in higher capacity RAM. You need a higher capacity RAM when you run more than 2 apps in the background. 


Before deciding on your memory capacity, evaluate closely what kind of games you generally play or whether you are into multitasking. A 16 GB RAM will be sufficient enough if you only wish to play games. It is best for those who have a budget problem as well since the 16 GB RAM price is comparatively low than 32 GB. But, if the budget is not an issue for you, then you can go for the 32 GB RAM to make your PC future-proof.

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