7 Tips on How to Buy Perfect Wrist Watch?

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The watch market is powerful and constantly evolving- there are numerous branded watches for men with amazing features and designs available in the market.  The best way to develop your personal style is to understand the current market trends.  Choosing the right one is overwhelming but not impossible.  You should identify your priorities in functionality and make sure that it fits your budget.

Let us start with one of the most important considerations, which is wristwatch type and functionality.  

There are varieties of watches and buying the perfect type depends upon your needs, style, and budget.

Sports Watches:

Most sports watches are made using tough titanium cases and scratch-resistant dial covers. These have higher water resistance and are designed for different sports activities.  Sports watches feature different functions, such as, it can measure heart rate, GPS tracking, and more. These watches can be paired with any outfit hence are adaptable. 

Casual Watches:

Casual watches have minimal design and are not fancy. They include both analogue and digital displays. They are used for daily wear, office wear, gym wear, etc. Easy to maintain these casual watches have a simple dial and durable strap. 

Formal watches: 

An elegant and classy design watch that is suitable for business meetings and office. They are simple and visually appealing. No embellishments or heavy ornaments are used in these watches. 

Dive watches:

These watches are designed for underwater diving. It has high water resistance and uses modern technology that allows divers to go much deeper inside the water.


A fancy stopwatch that has a start/stop button on the side of the watch for stopwatch function and a push-button to rest it to zero. It is easy to use and can be used in different events for time races. 

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Luxury Watches:

Luxury watches are statement pieces designed to impress.  These watches are collectables items that are a great investment.  The design of these luxury watches is bold yet subtle.  It has excellent craftsmen ship and technical innovation that ensures it stands out of crowd. 


Wristwatches display includes two types’ analogue and digital. 

Analogue is a common display for watches that include the hour hand, the minute hand, and the second hand. They are more traditional and elegant compared to a digital watch and are a great choice for all occasions.

The digital display, on the other hand, uses an LCD screen to display time electronically. Available only in quartz movement and are much more cost-effective than analogue watches. Digital display watches are rich in features and are prone to wear & tear. 

Watch Movement:

Watch moment is the mechanism that drives the watch and is divided into two categories- quartz and mechanical.  

Quartz is known for its accuracy and durability. Compared to mechanical watches, quartz watches are much more durable and practical. A mechanical moment has a rotor attached to the moment. These watches either have self–winding or automatic. However, mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz and not as accurate as quartz watches.

Choosing the right watch doesn’t get overwhelming if you know the basics of types of watches.  Considering the above style guide can help you find the perfect fit that suits your budget and personality. Buy watches online for men and women at affordable prices only at Give and take today.

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