6 Top Tips to Design a New Bathroom

Tips to Design a New Bathrooms

One day you are invited over for dinner at your boss’s house only to realize how amazing the place is from the inside out. You are easily attracted to the eye-appealing furniture and the house design that you wish you had a house of your own. But what makes the itch grow is when you see a modern open-spaced bathroom! Without leaky pipes, and zero molds on the floor or ceiling it’s a dream bathroom. 

Sure if you get to buy a construction house in adam housing society Multan, you can finally construct a bathroom by spending the right amount of money on it. 

Bathrooms can be really expensive if you are all about using imported materials. Because you need to make it functional and easy to clean, the following tips will help you design one that is a worthwhile investment. 

1- Plan according to privacy 

Bathrooms are pricey. Period. So when planning to build a new bathroom or even remodel one, you need to design the bathroom location and access in a way that maintains privacy even if the door is open. 

It should not expose the individual inside (in any way) but consider this – an open bathroom is possible to design. For instance, for the ensuite, avoid the view from the pillow of your bed. See? Out of sight out of mind. Also, place the light fixtures in a way that doesn’t wake up whoever is sleeping in the bed. 

2- Position of fixtures 

All bathrooms have large sanitaryware items like toilets, showers, and so on. But there are smaller items as well like towel rails, and mirrors. 

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Think about how you want the fixtures to be placed. Now, remember, that each fixture takes space according to its functionality, height, and weight. When designing the new bathroom, ensure that all fixtures are placed to incorporate privacy (as explained earlier). 

3- Pay attention to the door 

When a door swings open it reveals what is inside a room. So a door will take space within the room when it swings open. 

Keeping that in mind, review the way you want the door to open. Sometimes a lousy bathroom design may lead to the opening doors only to crash items on the other side. For this cavity, sliders are helpful as a space-saving solution but they do require double studding you that the door doesn’t hit the solid wall of tiles and fixtures. 

4- Small space functionality 

Bathroom designs are remarkably thriving. Every detailed design and placement of fixtures and doors can improve the overall setting. 

Whatever design changes you want to make sure to do it before lining and waterproofing otherwise changes would be highly costly. For instance, if you want a wall-hung vanity, include it in the design for the floor plan. To show the details of the bathroom layout is to include the extent of the interior elevations. 

5- Design bathroom lighting 

The bathroom is the only thing in the house that easily fits into the west. Because bathrooms can tolerate the summer heat, it helps home designers to prioritize the locations of bedrooms and sitting areas. Whatever direction you decide to build a bathroom, it needs quality light. 

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It’s best if the bathroom has natural light and lots of ventilation. It improves the functionality plus beats the humidity too. 

6- Go with bold designs 

The idea of bathrooms being in the shades of neutral color is so outdated now. It’s time you make your private space allured with colors and splashes of bright shades. 

Of course nothing too shiny. But it can be the wow factor for a master bathroom. For instance wallpaper the room or the accent wall of a darker shade and a colorful design. So if your tiles cover much of the walls, spread those colors on the wall too!  

The addition of fresh colors can add more interest and dimension to your space. 


There are a lot of styles you can try when it comes to designing a good bathroom. Do not hesitate to explore more ideas. If using quality materials, expect a high bill at the end, but it will be all worth your money once you see the final results of your new bathroom!  

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