6 tips and tricks for bedazzling your makeup look with gems

Last year, the makeup community was overcome with Euphoria Fever. When season 2 of the hit HBO series dropped, we were all losing our minds over their makeup looks, especially mean girl Maddy, who inspired all of us to pick up our rhinestones and start bedazzling our makeup looks! This is a trend that certainly won’t be going away in 2023, so it’s only fair that we give you some tips and tricks to help you achieve the perfect look. 

Prep and patch test

As with any new makeup product you absolutely have to do a patch test and make sure you aren’t allergic to anything you’ll be using. Try putting a small amount of the adhesive on your wrist or your elbow beforehand. Leave it for 15 minutes, wipe it off and if you haven’t developed a reaction in that time, you’re good to go! 

Get the area ready

Before you even consider going in with the gems, you need to make sure your face is ready. Either apply a mattifying setting spray or clean the spots you want to apply embellishments to, before going in with the glue!

Create a map 

Before you place your gemstones on your skin, you’ll want to plan the route you’re taking. If you’re planning to embellish your highlight or eye look with a few gemstones, make sure you place a few practice gems so you get an idea of how they’ll look before they’re stuck. Make sure you keep your eyes wide open when you’re mapping out your look, to make sure the gems you’re applying to your eyes won’t get lost in your crease when your eyes are open. 

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Use a palette 

We don’t recommend applying lash glue straight from the tube to the gemstone. You’ll end up with too much and the application just won’t be as smooth. Instead, apply some lash glue to a flat surface, then pick up your gemstones with tweezers, dip them into your glue and apply to your face. Make sure you hold the gems in place for a few seconds to make sure they’re secure. 

Try something different 

Gemstones don’t just belong to your eyes. There are so many places you could include a gem to give your look a subtle (or not so subtle) pop. Consider applying gemstones:

  • On your brow bone
  • On your eyebrows
  • On your temples
  • Or even on your eye liner

Remove them 

If you have used lash glue to apply your gemstones they should come off easily with your normal makeup remover. However, if you’ve decided to use a professional-grade adhesive, you might need to use a specialist remover to make sure your skin is safe throughout the removal process. 

And there you have it – 6 tips and tricks for bedazzling your makeup looks with gems. We hope you have an amazing time expressing your creativity by using some gemstones in your newest makeup look. Of course, practice makes perfect, so don’t worry about perfecting this skill overnight. We don’t think the gemstone trend is going anywhere just yet.

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