15 BEST School Management Software

A School Management Software may be a tool to manage all the academic and administrative tasks with none hassle. It enables schools to digitally manage and monitor daily school activities on one platform.

This software can automate and optimize teacher workload, helps schools to simplify enrollment processing, and enables teachers to observe student’s academic progress.

Following could be a handpicked list of Top School Management Software with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

1) PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS is software that has the robust capability to support remote and hybrid educational and learning needs of faculties. It helps you to stay the info secure with cloud compliance experts. this can be one amongst the most effective School Management Software that permits teachers to simply communicate with parents and students.


It helps you to manage daily school operations.

Provides student reports online with accuracy.

Offers web-based gradebook.

This School management software incorporates a customizable UI.

It enables you to match the analysis of educational data.

You will get student feedback electronically with no hassle.

Free trial: No

Demo: Yes

Mobile App: Yes

2) Gradelink

Gradelink is software that helps schools to avoid wasting time and improve enrollment process. This application helps teachers to require daily attendance effortlessly. It also enables you to manage classes and scheduling.


Offers unlimited personalized supports via email and phone.

Provides administrative reports.

This School Management app allows sending school announcements in email.

Helps you to trace events within the calendar.

Free trial: No

Demo: Yes

Mobile App: Yes

3) Fedena

Fedena is one among the most effective college and faculty management software. This tool is easily integrated with video conferencing software like Zoom and Google Meet. It enables you to effortlessly conduct and reset online examinations.


This is one in all the simplest school ERP software that may automatically calculate tax on fee transactions.

It helps you to simply take the attendance.

Allows teachers to effortlessly collaborate with parents.

It simplifies the method of admission tracking and document submission.

Offers applications for Android and iOS devices.

Free trial: 14 Days

Demo: Yes

Mobile App: Yes

4) Veracross

Veracross is software that allows you to seamlessly manage accounting at your school. This software may simplify your end-to-end admission process.


It enables you to manage student’s academics with none hassle.

Offers custom student forms to save lots of administration time.

It has easy billing and payment process.

You can integrate this software with third-party solutions like Finalsite, Canvas, Ravenna, etc.

It can send notifications via SMS.

Free trial: No

Demo: Yes

Mobile App: Yes

5) Alma

Alma could be a School Management Software that helps to extend teachers’ engagement with students and fogeys. It offers understandable analytics and graphics that enable you to create data-driven decisions. this is often one in every of the most effective School Management Software that simplifies admissions, enrollment, registrations, and plenty of other processes.

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Personalized learning schedules

Provides Google Classroom Integration.

This is one in every of the most effective school ERP software that’s customizable in step with districts and schools.

Enables teachers and students to simply communicate with one another.

Offers custom reporting facility.

Provides easy migration of college data.

This app can make the varsity administration process easy.

Demo: Yes

Mobile App: Yes

6) Synergy

Synergy may be a school information management system that permits you to prepare student data with ease. It helps to simplify the task for teachers in less effort.


It provides information and tools needed for the fogeys to remain connected with their child’s education.

This student direction system enables multiple users to share one device.

It streamlines compliance monitoring and reporting supported state and district requirements.

Synergy can secure your data through protection at the database and application layers.

It can send notifications via SMS.

This is one among the simplest school ERP software that includes a streamlined administration process.

7) Classe365

Classe365 is software that helps you to manage your establishment with no hassle. It provides an choice to pay the college fee online with ease. This application has web forms that enable students to use for admission to the institution.


It helps you to streamline your administration process.

This school management system enables you to manage courses and classes.

Enables you to stay track of all admissions and library fees, transactions, and the other payments.

It offers students and institution analytics.

Provides a social platform for the discussion of teachers and students.

This school admin software can send notifications via SMS.

8) Thinkwave

Thinkwave is a cloud-based school management software that enables you to simplify the administration system of a School. It offers custom report cards that can be delivered electronically or printed.


It can send automatic mass emails to parents and students.

You can quickly access all the needed data of a student.

This school software enables you to electronically deliver announcements and assignments.

It can be accessed from any location with Internet connection using tablets, personal computers, or smartphones.

9) Goguardian

Goguardian is software that enables you to manage your classroom without any hassle. It helps to keep students focused on their studies by keeping them away from inappropriate content.


This is one of the best school management software that provides you dedicated team support.

Allows educational institutions to set digital guidelines for students.

Integrates with multiple device types and platforms.


10) Factsmgt

Factsmgt is a platform that is designed for schools to streamline the process of admission. It automates the flow of information between teachers, parents, and administrators. This application provides easy admissions, attendance, health information management, staff information management facility, etc.


You can grant access to school staff for a specific program.

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It provides easy to use staff dashboard.

You can view the complete email history with no hassle.

This is one of the best school management systems that allow you to create comprehensive reports.

You can easily access student data.


11) Boarddocs

Boarddocsis a remote school management application that enables you to search for public documents in similar organizations with ease. This tool simplifies the collaboration of internal school department with web conferencing.


This school management solution enables you to easily manage access control or permissions of users.

It helps you to manage events and tasks with ease.

You can access school data remotely without any hassle.

Enables you to manage attendance without any hassle.

12) Skyward

Skyward is a school management software that enables you to analyze student attendance with ease. It offers a teacher portal that provides useful insights, live alerts, and easy gradebook navigation facility.

This is one of the best school management software that offers a message center for communication between students and teachers.

It offers student tracking and follow-up facility.

Provides useful insights into student performance.

You can manage the curriculum with ease.

This is one of the best school management systems that allow you to develop seating charts for students.

Automate student attendance taking by scanning ID cards.

It has good customer reviews.

Supported devices are Windows, Mac, and web.

13) Bloomz

Bloomz is a school management software that enables you to connect students and teachers with ease. It allows you to send real time communication messages on student behavior and work.


Helps you to simplify the student registration process.

This student management system can be accessed from desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

It has excellent customer reviews.

14) Orah

Orah is one of the best and secure cloud platforms that helps you to keep track of students. It provides schools with a suite of useful tools to manage leave, check-in and check-out system, event planning, and more.


You can integrate this software with Synergetic, TASS, Veracross, iSams, etc.

Helps you to organize all your campus locations.

You can perform and sync daily registration.

Helps yo create and manage group activities from one place.

Enables you to create student reports to analyze student activity.

This student management platform provides a live meal schedule for the school catering team.

It provides SMS alerts of school events.

15) Ellucian

Ellucian is a tool that is designed for simplifying complex and higher education processes. It provides cloud solutions like SaaS and private cloud. This tool enables students to register in a school from any device.


It helps you with academic planning and consult students in real time.

It enables you to view student profiles with ease.

This school management solution streamlines the process of exam grades.

Enables you to gain useful insights from student attendance data.

You can build a course registration plan.

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