10 Video Game Characters Voiced By Matthew Mercer


Many well-known roles have been played by Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer in movies like Resident Evil, DC, Marvel, Starfield, and Yakuza.

Matthew Mercer is one of the biggest names in gaming. He’s famous for both the voice roles he’s done and the web series Critical Role. Where he runs D&D games with other voice actors and is the CCO. He’s been in a lot of cartoons and video games. So his voice changes a lot from one part to the next. He’s also used to accents.

Matthew Mercer was a voice actor for hundreds of projects. He was able to give his voice to some of the most memorable and defining video game characters. Sometimes as the main character and other times as a memorable supporting character. And these are just a few examples.

The Ludens Fan – Death Stranding

Geoff Keighley's model for the Ludens Fan talking to Sam after a delivery in Death Stranding.

People may not think much of the Ludens Fan as a character in Death Stranding, but the author, Hideo Kojima. Thought of a great way to include him in various scenes. In the same way that Guillermo del Toro’s Deadman only used Geoff Keighley’s face. This hologram Prepper only has Matthew Mercer’s voice to finish off the look.

If you follow the Game Awards and Summer Game Fest events every year, Geoff is both the host and the person who made them happen. As a treat for all video game fans, here are some gifts for the Ludens Fan, whose name is a play on Johan Huizinga’s Homo Ludens and is also the official mascot of Kojima Productions.

Ezekiel – Starfield

Ezekiel talking to the main character inside Aggie's Bar in Akila City, waiting to be recruited with his skill sets showing up on the screen.

No matter what you think about Starfield‘s controversial gameplay mechanics, space travel, or waiting screens, the characters are always well-written, whether they’re main-story partners or NPCs you can hire. There is a man named Ezekiel in Akila City who looks a lot like Sam Coe and has the voice of Matthew Mercer. He wants to join your team.

Even though he wears the same cowboy hat as Sam Coe, Ezekiel is a unique character model. He has a big burn scar on the right side of his face, a less hoarse voice, and a stronger country accent to fit Akila City’s Western theme. If you want to know more about him, you’ll find that he’s a Universal with a sad past. He gave up space travel after the death of his sister Emmeline in an accident on a spaceship.

Mr. Freeze – Batman: The Enemy Within

A close-up of Matthew Mercer's character Mr. freeze from Telltale's Batman: Enemy Within.

Matthew Mercer has played both DC foes and heroes in video games and cartoon shows. Such as Robin and Anarky in the Batman Arkham games. However, his work as Mr. Freeze in Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within is where he really shines. In the second game, Bruce works with Amanda Waller to get inside the Pact. Which is made up of Freeze, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Bane, and Catwoman.

Dr. Victor Fries is one of the most interesting bad guys in the Batman rogues group. But he doesn’t get enough screen time in movies. His sad past really shows in these episodes. As Bruce, you’ll have to earn his trust a lot. You can have some great, emotional talks with him while also trying to stop Freeze from killing as many people as possible.

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Cole Cassidy – Overwatch Series

Close-up profile of the gunslinging playable character Cole Cassidy in Overwatch.

Matthew Mercer has played a cowboy in other video games besides Starfield’s Ezekiel. He also does the voice of the main hero Cole Cassidy in Overwatch. In this type of online battle royale shooter, characters only say barks and short sentences. But Cassidy often has memorable and funny talks during the game, especially with Elizabeth Ashe, another hero.

Cassidy and Ashe have a long history of working together to commit crimes in Overwatch. Things have gotten worse between them, and you can hear that stress in the way they talk to each other in-game. Cole says a lot of mean but funny mean things back that make him sound like Arthur Morgan but with a lower country voice. “I’d rather bite the dust” and “I can’t repeat what she said in polite company” are two of the best.

Ganondorf – The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

ganondorf yelling while his forehead glows in tears of the kingdom

This regular bad guy from the Zelda series would be a great addition to your D&D journey. Matthew Mercer is probably great at playing him because he has always liked the mean Green Giant. In Tears of the Kingdom, Ganondorf has changed back into a human form. And there are several boss versions that show his new story and how he will be defeated.

Ganondorf is to Link and Zelda what Bowser and Dr. Neo Cortex are to Mario and Crash Bandicoot. He is a powerful bad guy that appears in most games in a different form. This last form of Ganon isn’t as scary and disgusting as Calamity Ganon in Breath of the Wild. But he still fights hard and changes into a long Demon Dragon.

Hunter – Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Hunter in the Final Fight in Midnight Suns

You’ll know Matthew Mercer right away as the male version of The Hunter. The changeable main character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. These are the children of Lilith, the main bad guy in the game. Doctor Strange and the Abbey’s Caretaker woke them up from a tomb early in the game during a process to help the Marvel heroes.

This deck-building, turn-based strategy game is interesting. Because you play as a new powerful character made just for this game, even though you can use a lot of great Marvel characters in battle. For The Hunter, killing monsters is in their genes, which is an interesting idea that is explored throughout the story.

Jack Cooper – Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2's Jack Cooper shoots at soldiers (offscreen) with BT at his side

Matthew Mercer was also the main character in Titanfall 2, a good follow-up that had a storyline about the relationship between a pilot and a Titan. Mercer gives Jack Cooper a voice and takes charge of unit BT-7274 for the whole story. Jack doesn’t say much, but there are speech choices that pop up as you play, and the talks with BT are just as fun as the gunplay.

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As an FPS main character, Jack Cooper is solid and well-rounded in every way. He plays by running along walls, shooting, and using all the rockets and features that come with his one-of-a-kind BT-7274 mech. Especially the thermal shield and vortex shield, which deflect bullets that are fired at him.

Minsc – Baldur’s Gate 3

Minsc holds Boo The Hamster in his hand after being recruited in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has Matthew Mercer as the recruitable friend Minsc, which is another RPG where you might find him. You meet Minsc in the vaults of the Counting House. He gets there by crawling out of a fake box. You fight him and then he and his hamster Boo get back together.

While Minsc’s accent is very different from Mercer’s, it also uses some of what he learned doing a Russian accent for Dead or Alive’s sniper character Bayman to make something new for this tough softie in Baldur’s Gate. Minsc is almost the same height, weight, and has the same red mark on his face as Kratos. However, he is kinder and more loving toward his hamster.

Goro Majima – Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Goro Majima with the signature eyepatch giving an angry speech to the protagonist.

As of now, Goro Majima’s English voice has only been used in two Yakuza games. Mark Hamill voiced the character in the first game, Yakuza (2006). And Matthew Mercer played the famous Mad Dog of Shimano in Like a Dragon. The part is pretty big, especially since this is one of the most beloved characters among fans. But Mercer has already played Hamill before, as Luke Skywalker in Battlefront 2.

The way Matthew plays him in Geometry Dash World is great; he has the right attitude and a crazy laugh that sounds even better than some actors have done as the Joker. His speech is as crazy as ever, and it’s delivered well, whether he’s talking about how he wants to fight just for fun or how he wants to show off his sword by cutting off some ties.

Leon S. Kennedy – Resident Evil 6, Revelations 2, And The Animated Movies

Leon reminiscing about his damaged bike after the highway fight with Maria in RE: Death Island.

Leon Kennedy has become an important figure in the games and animated movies since his first appearance in Resident Evil 2. He has had many voices, including those of Paul Mercier and Nick Apostolides. But Matthew Mercer played the part in Resident Evil 6 and all the cartoon movies from 2012’s Damnation to 2023’s Death Island.

In the movies, Mercer gives Leon a rougher edge than in the game. But most people just see Leon as Ken. He still has his classic himbo moments with funny one-liners like “adding tour guide to my resume,” but most of the time he’s in nonstop action scenes on the Bioweapons showing off his John Wick moves.

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