10 Hardest Rules In The Password Game


The Password Game is known for having rules that are too hard to understand, but some rules are worse than others.

The computer game The Password Game, which was made by Neal Agarwal, is popular with players and streamers. It has even been changed to test the patience of con artists. To play the game, you have to follow certain rules when making a password. At first, these look like the kinds of rules that players might expect when making a password: they have to include a capital letter, a number, a special character, and so on.

These keep getting stranger and stranger until they seem completely impossible. There may be times when players wonder how hard a password generator can get until they have to put out fires, play GeoGuessr, and feed a chicken. All of those rules are real, and they get tougher from there.

Oh No! Your Password Is On Fire. Quick, Put It Out! – Rule 20

The Password Game, Fire Emojis Appear In The Password

As the first rule on the list, this one is definitely one of the stranger ones. The password will “catch on fire” after going through 19 rules for passwords one by one. The fact that The Password Game doesn’t actually set a player’s device on fire is shown by fire emojis that look like they belong in a player’s password.

The catch is that these images will quickly spread and change the characters in the password, which will undo all of a player’s hard work. Even though it’s a pain to fix the damage the fires caused, the players only have to worry about it for a short time. But that’s not true for some of the rules that make me mad. Just watch out that Paul the chicken doesn’t get burned up.

A Sacrifice Must Be Made. Pick 2 Letters That You Will No Longer Be Able To Use. – Rule 25

The Password Game, A Rule Box Showing A Keyboard And Asking Two Letters To Be Sacrificed

A simple rule like this can lead to a lot of trouble. Before they start, players will be given a computer and told to give up two letters that they can use in their password. This also means that the picked letters must be taken out of the password if they are already there.

Players may naturally be drawn to letters that aren’t used very often. But they will need to carefully look over their password before making a choice. At this point, the player’s password will have a very specific YouTube link, a captcha, and a hash code. If players throw away one letter too quickly, all of these can become useless.

Your Password Must Contain The Current Time. – Rule 35

The Password Game, Rule Box Stating The Password Must Include Current Time

This is the last rule of The Password Game, and it makes things even more frustrating. When a person finally gets to it, they will have cleared a lot of obstacles and made sure their password meets very specific requirements. That being said, this last rule throws a big wrench into the works, messing up difficult rules, especially the one that gets the top spot.

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Players might choose a time with a handy set of numbers and then wait until that time comes up to make sure the password finally meets all the requirements. They also need to remember to feed Paul the chicken while they wait. Players will feel good about beating The Password Game once this annoying little catch is taken care of.

Your Password Must Include The Name Of This Country. – Rule 14

The Password Game, Rule Box Shows Google Maps Location

Players almost certainly will now understand how silly this game was if they didn’t before rule fourteen. This game about making a password makes you play GeoGuessr all of a sudden.

GeoGuessr is another well-known computer game where players are given a spot in Google Maps Street View and have to explore the area to try and figure out where they are. This is something that Agarwal uses in his game. Even though it doesn’t really matter in the long run, this rule can take a lot of time if a person gets a very strange country.

Your Password Must Include The Best Move In Algebraic Chess Notation. – Rule 16

The Password Game, Rule Box Shows A Chess Board In Play

The players are now playing chess, just two rules after having to play GeoGuessr. The way this rule is written is already meant to give people a headache, and following it is even worse. A unique picture of a chess board in play is shown to each player.

It can be hard for some players to figure out what the best move is. They also have to write it in their password in the right mathematical form. Please note that this rule takes players to the Wikipedia page about algebraic chess notation. How kind of you.

Your Password Must Include This Color In Hex. – Rule 28

The Password Game, Rule Box Shows A Random Yellow Color And Asks For Its Hex Code

Players are given a random color and must find the hex code for it and put it in their password. This is another rule that can take a while to finish. This one sounds easier than the last two, but it gets harder.

The numbers in most hex codes quickly become a source of frustration for players as they try to follow an early and important rule. The good news is that players can try different color combinations until they get one that works, but this rule is hard to follow.

Paul Has Hatched! Please Don’t Forget To Feed Him, He Eats Three Caterpillars Every Minute. – Rule 23

The Password Game, Paul The Chicken Emoji Followed By Six Caterpillar Emojis

A few times, Paul the chicken has been brought up. Taking care of Paul might be one of the most stressful parts of Snow Rider 3D. Paul first shows up in rule seventeen as an egg that players need to keep safe. Paul will die and the game will end if he is erased from the password. This includes if the fire at rule twenty burns him up.

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Rule 23 says that Paul has hatched and players must feed him emoji caterpillars. Three times every minute, these are eaten. The game is over when Paul runs out of bugs. But people who might try to get around the scheme should be warned. If players feed Paul too many caterpillars at once, he will become too full and die, ending the game.

The Elements In Your Password Must Have Atomic Numbers That Add Up To 200. – Rule 18

The Password Game, Rule Box States Atomic Numbers Must Add Up To 200

There are three early rules at the top of the list. They look easy on paper, but they become a player’s worst fear over time. Rule 18 says that any parts of the password that make up an element symbol, like H for hydrogen or He for helium, must have atomic numbers that add up to 200.

These websites are easy to find because they list the letters for elements and their atomic numbers. However, it can get harder to get them to add up to exactly 200 when you add in things like YouTube links and chess moves. Players will quickly find it very annoying that they have to keep going back to it over and over again.

The Roman Numerals In Your Password Should Multiply To 35. – Rule 9

The Password Game, Rule Box States Roman Numerals Should Multiply To 35

Like the last rule, this one is pretty easy to start with. With just XXXV and I in the password, players can get Roman numbers that add up to 35.

It can be very frustrating for players when they can’t use any YouTube links that have a letter L, C, D, or M. Because these Roman numbers can’t be multiplied to equal 35. This can quickly start to feel like a waste of time since players need to find very specific links.

The Digits In Your Password Must Add Up To 25. – Rule 5

The Password Game, Rule Box States Digits Must Add Up To 25

It’s hard to believe that this early and easy rule is the most annoying one in the game, but it is. Almost every time a new rule is added, more numbers will show up to break this rule.

Things like captchas, leap years, chess formulas, hyperlinks, hex numbers, the current time. And even the length of the password itself will all add numbers that can’t add up to twenty-five. Dealing with this huge job is one of the most difficult parts of the game, and players who really want to beat The Password Game will have to change it many times before they finally win.

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