10 Best Weapons In Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis


In Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, the best tools let you kill enemies quickly.

Square Enix and Applibot made Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, an RPG that can be played on both Android and iOS. Almost all mobile games are gacha games, which you may have already guessed. This Final Fantasy 7 spin-off is no different.

In this game, like all gacha games, getting guns will depend on a set Random Number Generator (RNG). This will determine which ones you can get with each gacha pull. This means that getting the best guns in the game won’t be as easy as it usually is. There are more than 80 guns in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. To help you narrow down your wish list, you need to know which ones are the best.

Fairy Tale

Final-Fantasy-7-Ever-Crisis-Aerith with the Fairy Tale staff
Magic Attack449
Core AbilityAllies are healed at a rate of 67%
Secondary Ability 1Physical Attack +100/50%
Secondary Ability 2Earth Resistance +50%

Since the Fairy Tale is a staff that is great at healing magic, it is the best tool for Aerith if you want to focus on her support skills. The Fairy Tale isn’t very good at stopping things, but it makes up for it in healing.

The Fairy Tale not only heals Aerith at the S-tier level, but it also helps her defend against Earth-based attacks and magic.

Gold Collar

Final-Fantasy-7-Ever-Crisis-Red XIII in a ferocious battle
Magic Attack458
Core AbilityAll enemies are hit by magic that is 350% stronger, and there is a 10% chance that it will hit critically.
Secondary Ability 1Magic Attack +100/50%
Secondary Ability 2Increases Earth resistance by 50%.

The support character Red XIII is great, and his healing skills are great. They can really help the party when they need it. Because of this, the Gold Collar brings out all of Red XIII’s best qualities because it heals faster and protects against magical damage better.

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If you ever find yourself fighting a very tough enemy that causes AoE damage, the Gold Collar can easily help you beat them because it heals enemies all around it.

The Three Elemental Staffs

Final-Fantasy-7-Ever-Crisis-Aerith casting a lightning spell at an enemy
Magic Attack540
Core AbilityDeal 540% Every enemy takes magic earth damage
Secondary Ability 1HP +250/100%
Secondary Ability 2The Earth ability became 120% stronger
Magic Attack561
Core AbilityDeal 54% Magic ice hurts all enemies.
Secondary Ability 1Magic Attack +50/25%, Physical Attack +50/25%.
Secondary Ability 2The ice ability got 120% stronger.
Magic Attack528
Core AbilityAll of your enemies will take 540% more lightning damage.
Secondary Ability 1Magic Attack +100/50%
Secondary Ability 2The Lightning ability now has 120% more power.

It depends on the enemy, but wearing any of the three elemental staffs will turn Aerith into a powerful natural force that can destroy things. These three staffs have the best AoE magic attacks in the game: the Wizard, the Silver, and the Wizard. With these three, it’s easy to wipe out a group of enemies, and you need all three to do that in most situations.

Also, all three elemental staffs do great AoE damage, so it’s easy to get rid of a group of enemies quickly, which is useful if you’re farming in any RPG for experience, gold, or making materials.

Serpent Eater

Final-Fantasy-7-Ever-Crisis-Lucia with the Serpent Eater rifle
Magic Attack528
Core AbilitySends a single enemy 790% of its health in water damage.
Secondary Ability 1HP +250/100%
Secondary Ability 2The water ability is 120% stronger.

This is the only long-range AoE weapon in the game that does extra damage from the water element. It’s called the Serpent Eater.

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This gun that Lucia uses is a lot like the Murasame sword in terms of how it works. Both do awesome damage and are made to take down tough enemies.

Mythril Saber

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Cloud with Mythril Saber equipment screen
Magic Attack518
Core AbilityDoes 940% Magic damage to a single enemy, and there is a 10% chance that it will hit critical.
Secondary Ability 1Magic Attack +100/50%
Secondary Ability 2It’s 40% stronger in both physical and magical ways.

The Mythril Saber is a great non-elemental magic weapon for Cloud that does a lot of magical damage. This is yet another great tool for fighting enemies one-on-one, which makes it a good choice for boss fights.

The Mythril Saber is the best weapon to use to make Cloud a mixed damage provider who can use light and magic.


Final-Fantasy-7-Ever-Crisis-Zack preparing to unleash a powerful attack
Magic Attack420
Core AbilityAll foes are hit by wind and take 520% of their health.
Secondary Ability 1Physical Attack +100/50%
Secondary Ability 2Raise the power of your wind ability by 120%.

The Falchion is Zack’s weapon, and its constant waves of physical wind AoE attacks go well with his lively nature. It is also without a doubt the best tool in the game for giving wind damage to a wide area.

Because of this, Zack’s Falchion can quickly kill a bunch of enemies. It works pretty well against bosses too.

Motor Drive

Final-Fantasy-7-Ever-Crisis-Tifa with the Motor Drive weapon equipped
Magic Attack458
Core AbilityKills one enemy by 790% of its health in damage and wind.
Secondary Ability 1Physical Attack +100/50%
Secondary Ability 2Raise the power of your wind ability by 120%.

Tifa is known for her rough style of hand-to-hand combat. The Motor Drive is a great tool that will go well with her style. This is a tool that is only meant to do damage to a single enemy. If you select the right Materia, you can also increase the damage to ridiculously high amounts.

In a one-on-one battle, the Motor Drive does a lot of damage and is definitely one of the best. It does amazing damage, and the wind elemental damage it already has makes it an even scarier tool in Tifa’s hands.


Final-Fantasy-7-Ever-Crisis-Apocalypse sword information screen
Magic Attack432
Core AbilityPhysical damage of 940% to a single enemy, with a 10% chance of a critical hit.
Secondary Ability 1Magic Attack +50/25%, Physical Attack +50/25%.
Secondary Ability 2Raise the power of your wind ability by 120%.

On top of being scary to look at, the Apocalypse Sword is also very good at hurting people. This tool does damage that isn’t magical, and it’s easy to beat most of the game’s bosses with it.

There is a good chance that this tool will land a critical hit, and its secondary ability lets it improve wind skills. In general, the Apocalypse lives up to its name because it can easily destroy any enemy that comes within range.

Enemy Launcher

Final-Fantasy-7-Ever-Crisis-Barret charging his signature weapon
Magic Attack436
Core AbilityAll foes will take 650% physical damage, and there is a 10% chance that you will score a critical hit.
Secondary Ability 1Magic Attack +50/25%, Physical Attack +50/25%.
Secondary Ability 2Potency for physical abilities has gone up by 80%.

With this strong Area-of-Effect tool, Barret can become an army by himself. Even though it doesn’t have elemental damage, its better physical damage more than makes up for that.

The Enemy Launcher is a great farming tool that will quickly kill normal enemies. It is also great for getting rid of large groups of enemies.


Final-Fantasy-7-Ever-Crisis-Cloud with the Murasame sword
Magic Attack422
Core AbilityOne enemy takes 750% more physical and lightning damage.
Secondary Ability 1Physical Attack +100/50%
Secondary Ability 2The lightning power is now 120% stronger.

If we’re talking about elemental damage, the Murasame is the most powerful sword in Tunnel Rush. This beautiful sword is very strong in a one-on-one fight because it has a one-two attack that does a lot of damage to the body and adds lightning damage to it.

The extra power of the weapon can boost the lightning elements damage that is already very strong. The Murasame can quickly kill tech-based and protected enemies thanks to its strong lightning damage.

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