10 Best Cards For A Nebula Deck In Marvel Snap


It might not make sense to use 1-cost cards in Marvel Snap, but Nebula and other cards like her show how strong even the smallest heroes and foes can be when used correctly. In certain situations, the Guardian of the Galaxy can be very dangerous, but only if she is paired with the right person.

Nebula is a strong one-cost card that works well in decks that focus on one-cost cards, but she can also be used in other decks. Even though you can be artistic with your making, there are some cards that go really well with Nebula. This figure can be helped by a wide range of cards, from cards that do damage to cards that do nothing.


Marvel Snap Nebula Deck Nebula Standard Variant

When nothing is played against Nebula, she gets stronger. If you want to use her skill, you will need to use distractions or helping cards. If something gets in the way or a Killmonger is played somewhere else, Armor and Goose can stop it. Using Rock Slide and Korg to throw rocks at your opponent is another way to confuse them.

Nebula can get help from the other Guardians of the Galaxys. One person in the group will lose power when something is played on the other side. There is a good reason for Nebula not getting stronger: it can help you


Marvel Snap Nebula Deck Goose standard variant

Goose is a great friend to have when you want to keep strong forces from taking over or Shang-Chi from killing something too strong. If you play on Kamar Taj, you can get a strong Groot or Star-Lord to get around the galaxy cat’s cost limit.

Goose is limited in what it can play, but there are many ways to get around this. You can move cards and cards that cost less, like Death, can give you more power when you need it. If you have Nebula, she is more likely to get stronger by making it harder for the enemy to play cards.


Marvel Snap Nebula Deck Storm standard variant

Isolating Nebula is the best way to make sure she gets stronger during the match. Storm will let an enemy card be played one more time, and then Nebula will use her power. If you give her armor, a Killmonger won’t be able to kill her, and you won’t have to worry about her for the rest of the match.

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With Storm, you have some freedom to take over a place. You can use Doctor Doom or a damaged Nimrod to give it the extra power you need to take it over, even if her ability blocks the area. Because there are so many cards in Marvel Snap, you can help the X-Men member and Nebula in a lot of different ways.


Marvel Snap Nebula Deck Cosmo standard variant

You will need Cosmo’s help unless you have the necessary On Reveal cards to use in a certain place. You can keep Nebula and other cards safe by stopping Enchantress, Hobgoblin, Shang-Chi, and other cards’ harmful powers.

Cosmo is one of those cards that can easily make you pull back. Cosmo can sometimes stop a game-winning play, which makes the other person give up on their plan. Being a good dog that earns a treat can help most builds, whether they are helping Nebula or messing up tactics.


Marvel Snap Nebula Deck Ka-Zar standard variant

You need Ka-Zar to give a 1-cost card more power if you want to fight with it. No matter how much power Nebula gets from her ability, a Ka-Zar and Onslaught combo will cancel out the number of opponent cards played on the other side.

Ka-Zar has other skills that he can use. Patriot and Ultron are a standard pair. When they work together, you get a powerful army of robots to help Nebula. You will have a strong 1-cost build if you use other strong 1-cost cards like Ant-Man.


Marvel Snap Nebula Deck Sandman standard variant

When you slow down your enemy, it gives Nebula room to breathe. Sandman will make every move you and your opponent make more important. People might not want to play across Nebula as much if they have to focus on taking over other areas. You can still get traction in other places even if it doesn’t work.

With single cards played, Sandman lets you get more covering. Doctor Doom, White Tiger, or a Nimrod that has been killed can send power to places you can’t get to. No matter if Nebula has gained power or not, those other cards will still help her.


Marvel Snap Nebula Deck Hobgoblin standard variant

A great way to help Nebula is to waste space on a place. Since Hobgoblin takes up a spot in the opponent’s area, it fills up faster, giving Nebula more time to get stronger. On top of that, you weaken the spot to give yourself an edge in controlling it.

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Horde can be stopped by Carnage and Viper, so you need to get ready. You can stop Viper or Odin from sending him back by giving your position. Cosmo can protect your side from those cards, as well as the damaging skills of Carnage and other cards.


Marvel Snap Nebula Deck Gamora standard variant

These Guardians of the Galaxy cards can be used against anyone who stops Nebula from using her power. If you play a card on the other side, Gamora can get stronger, which will help you take control of the area. It comes down to power at the end of the match, and she has the most of all the Guardians.

Shang-Chi can easily hurt Gamora because of her power, so Armor or Cosmo can save her for the last turn. You can spend the rest of your power somewhere else to make sure you have two places to win.

Professor X

Marvel Snap Nebula Deck Professor X standard variant

Storm can separate your cards very well, especially Nebula. That’s not good because Killmonger can still get to Nebula. It is important that you have power over this spot because Professor X stops anything from going to it or destroying it.

As long as nothing is happening when you show Professor X, you’ll almost always know where you are. You can focus on another area to take over while Nebula gets stronger. Gamora would be a good way to quickly take over another area for the winning play.

Doctor Doom

Marvel Snap Nebula Deck Doctor Doom standard variant

No matter how strong they are, cards that lower costs still need a boost from cards that raise costs. Do not worry, Nebula has not gotten too much power yet. Doctor Doom will send a helpful DoomBot to give her five extra power, and another will be sent to the other place. In Penalty Kick Online, games can come down to just a few points, so Doctor Doom can help Nebula and other characters.

With the right mix, Doctor Doom can be more useful. Wave can let him be played earlier, and then Odin can use his ability again to give the other two places ten more power.

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